Auditorium Series Exit Lights

Product Image (LED ETL/M (A))

Auditorium Series Exit Lights

Price: 6000 INR

Emergency lighting is required in most public buildings, hospitals, factories, and hotels, restaurant to ensure that exit & escape paths are adequately illuminated the events of mains power failure, we have an exhaustive range of exit, fire exit, guide lights, safety lights, community signs to ensure an orderly and peaceful dispersal of crowd from public places, also available in three-level off safety mains operated, battery operated . Special application EXIT LIGHT in the black body in all Auditorium EXIT Light for Cinema Theaters. Available in two levels of safety - mains operated, battery operated modes

Product Image (LED EL/M/A)

Auditorium Series Exit Lights

Price: 4500 INR

Special Application EXIT Light for cinema Theater in Black body Auditorium Exit Light, Also Available in Three level of safety mains operated and photoluminescent Modes